segunda-feira, 14 de junho de 2010


I feel like someone that just had a heart surgery. Such a delicate procedure: For a moment you have your heart completely exposed. Any wrong move could cause you a serious danger. After it is over, you'll eventually get a scar as an eternal reminder.
It's something I'll never forget. Yes, I opened my heart like I never did in my life. For the first time I wasn't afraid to say what I wanted to say, to expose what I felt. I never thought that someone as frivolous as I am would be capable of showing/having such feelings. I did it, and despites of all I don't regret anything. At the same time, I never felt so vulnerable...
I thought that those feelings were mutual somehow, at some point...But I was wrong. How could I be so mistaken? It never was. It seems that it's always going to be this way...
When you don't like someone, that person will be always after you...But once you start showing some feelings, the same will lose interest. The challenge is no longer interesting. Perhaps it's time to start another game, with other players.
I'm proud of myself. Now it just feels like a dream that it's gone. I'm awake and I've got lots of things to do.
I'll consider this experience as something constructive. And, that person was incredibly nice, sweet and sincere, it meant a lot to me. It'll always have a special spot on my heart.
There's no need to stay away from me. Don't be afraid.
I just needed to say this somewhere, anywhere...I chose here; where no one and everyone can read...
I feel much better now. ;o)

sexta-feira, 4 de junho de 2010

Viva! Simples assim...

A vida e' tao simples...As pessoas que complicam demais. E nessas complicacoes acabam se bloqueando e deixando as coisas boas da vida acontecerem.
Depois reclamam, dizem que nao sabem porque isso e aquilo nao deu certo, oque fizeram de errado para tal coisa estar acontecendo.
Acredito que a resposta pra isso seja A preocupacao em excesso.
Quando nos preocupamos demais com o que esta por acontecer, perdemos o foco no presente, e acabamos nao aproveitando o momento como se deveria.
Isso eu aprendi a praticar dentro de minha mente recentemente. Bem, acredito que minhas meditacoes estao dando certo! Nada como meditar sobre as coisas da vida, filosofar para alcancar estabilidade e equilibrio do corpo, da alma e do espirito.
Esse video me fez pensar sobre isso hoje. A letra e' simplesmente bela.